Check out Super Mario 3D Lands nostalgic tributes to Zelda and Super Mario Bros

Super Mario 3D Land hits stores this Sunday and finally gives you a reason to own the 3DS you’ve barely been playing all year. 3D Land is full of clever, original levels, but it’s also exploding with knowing winks to games of old. We grabbed some quick video of just a couple of the fun references in the game just to make clear how cool Super Mario 3D Land is. First let’s check out the secrets in this top-down view of level 5-2…

From the beginning you’ll be reminded of the original Legend of Zelda, with the camera placement, how the screen scrolls between rooms, and even the coloring. But the best reference comes when you’re searching for one of the three Star Medals in the level. There’s a room with a locked door. How are we supposed to open it? Maybe you should try lighting the torches…

The other stage we’re showcasing is 2-3, which is Mario’s inventive tribute to himself. It might sound a little self-indulgent, but you have to agree the giant pixel block platforms are something else. Make sure to watch until the end for the coolest reference of all to classic Mario.

And that’s just two of the badass levels in 3D Land which should give you some idea why we gave it a 9/10.

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