SSX interview: Weve never done anything like this

Take it from someone who worked on every game in the series – the newest SSX is different.

Art Director Geoff Coates has been a part of the franchise’s development since the start, and in our interview below, provides insider detail on the biggest, riskiest changes to next year’s entry. Like a rewind button that allows you to instantly correct your mistakes. Like a wingsuit that allows you to not only snowboard, but for short bursts of time, fly. Like a death-defying mode in which – thanks to smothering avalanches, bottomless crevasses, choking atmosphere, blinding darkness, freezing cold temperatures and other dangers – you must literally defy death to survive your descent down the mountain.

Some of these choices will no doubt prove controversial to longtime fans, but before you make up your mind, see what a longtime creator has to say.

SSX is scheduled to release January 2012 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Oct 11, 2011

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