Sponsored: See the Comic Con unveiling of the Walking Deads Zombie Survival Machine from Hyundai Undead

In case you’re the type of person who makes it a point to avoid awesome things, you really should know The Walking Dead just turned 100 issues old this week, so to commemorate that momentous event, our parent company Future US partnered up with Hyundai and Skybound comics to design the ultimate Zombie Survival Machine. Does that not sound grandiose enough? Fine! We also asked none other than Walking Dead writer/creator, Robert Kirkman, to design the car himself! After all, who’s gonna be better at concocting the best vehicle to get us through the end of the world than the man currently dominating two mediums with his heart-wrenchingly amazing undead saga? Oh, we’ll just let Robert explain…

Oh, and if you’re a hardcore gearhead, or just love free prizes, we’re giving away a far more immaculate and unadorned version of this unstoppable post-apocalyptic powerhouse in the form of a brand new 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. No, seriously, we’re giving one of these away! If you’re at Comic Con, come by the Future US booth to see it for yourself and for more info on The Walking Dead’s 100th issue and HOW TO WIN A FREE CAR, head to hyundaiundead.com.

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