Watch Sony of Japans PS4 event stream at 11PM PST/7AM BST

Both Sony and Microsoft have told gamers of the US and Europe when to expect their next consoles. The PS4 (opens in new tab) is coming to the US 11/15 and November 29 in Europe, and Microsoft just confirmed the Xbox One (opens in new tab) arrives in-between those date on 11/22 worldwide. As for Japan, Microsoft seems to be skipping that country in 2013, while Sony might finally be ready to announce the launch date (perhaps alongside some new PS4 games (opens in new tab)) on a stream aimed at Japan. Below is a promised English translation of the stream that’ll go live at 11PM Pacific in the US and 7AM BST. Obviously not much is happening till it goes live…

Very likely Sony will reveal the Japanese launch date for the machine, but does the publisher also have some new, Japan-centric games to reveal? And how will this relate to the Tokyo Game Show keynote that Sony of Japan has planned for about 10 days from now? Will they be saving the big news for TGS? And is it 100% impossible we’ll see any news about the Last Guardian? Probably, but that won’t stop us from getting our hopes up while watching the stream tonight/tomorrow morning.

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