Sonic Generations bosses trailer shows some of the jerks youll be jumping on

The screens and videos we’ve been seeing for Sonic Generations put us on a rollercoaster of emotions. First we felt excited about the return of fat, 16-bit Sonic. Then we felt cautiously excited for stages based on Sonic Adventures. After that we were concerned at the seeing Shadow the Hedgehog appear. Following that was mild pleasure to see screens of a PC version, which was immediately followed by outright dread at seeing Silver the Hedgehog in the game. It’s getting to be too much for our emotions. Today’s new trailer featuring many of the bosses you’ll be fighting in the game has us moving back to into the positive side of the emotional spectrum.

In the trailer we spotted Sonic Adventure Perfect Chaos, Silver, Shadow, tons of Eggman, and our personal favorite, Sonic CD’s Metal Sonic. As fun as it was though, most of that footage looked like cutscenes instead of gameplay, which makes us worried the video spoiled several cool moments from the actual game. Also, who’s that shadowy enemy at the end and can the combined furry forces of two Sonics and two Tails defeat it? We’re betting yes, otherwise there wouldn’t be any more sequels.

Oct 14, 2011

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