New Sonic Generations City Escape trailer is incredibly important

Okay, I was a little cynicalwhen last writing about Sonic Generations (opens in new tab), blathering on about how Sega’s doing the ridiculous, impossible, and unnecessary by trying so hard to please the unpleaseable. Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic – what’s the goddamned difference? FLIP FLOP WARNING: I’ve officially changed my mind, in typical Sonic fanboy fashion.

For one, I rather enjoyed the Sonic Generations demo quite a bit. However, I haven’t played the 3D modes, and years of Unleasheds, Swords and Secret Rings has left a profoundly bitter taste in my mouth. An unfortunate byproduct of those current gen faceplants is that it makes me forget about how much I love certain “Modern Sonic” games (if you can call 1999 modern?) Luckily, all that appreciation came roaring back after watching today’s brand new trailer.

Sonic Adventure 2, anyone?! I haven’t actually seen much of the 3D Sonic modes in Generations. That’s hardly my favorite game in the Hedgehog series, but I’m willing to admit that the opening level is still mesmerizing, timeless and just plain fucking important! Most ofthe reason classic Sonic fans like me love the pudgier hog version is because that’s the one we’ve spent the most time with.

Above: Put all your arguments aside and just admit this is awesome

But we old folks gotta remember: There’s another generation fans who came after us, and Sonic Adventure 2 is a giant part of their love. If you need more proof, I implore you to watch the video below a bunch of 4chan kids singing along to “Escape from the City.” Doesn’t matter what you think of Sonic – seeing that many relative strangers come together to sing a silly song is one of the most life-affirming thing this gamer has ever seen.

Jul 8, 2011

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