Pokemon Black and White daily event guide

The work of a dedicated Pokemon trainer never ends. No matter how much you’ve already accomplished in Pokemon Black/White, there’s always more for you to do, because each day in Unova brings new opportunities for trainer battles and item collection. From free Soda Pop to the toughestopponents you can re-battle again and again, every trainer should take advantage of the daily events we’ve assembled in this guide.

And if you haven’t checked it out already, the Dream World within the Pokemon Global Link website (opens in new tab)can be accessed for one hour each day, where you can grow berries and catch non-Unova Pokemon.

Check out our Pokemon Black and White post-game guide for what you can do when everything else is done. 


Nacrene City

Café Warehouse – Receive a free Soda Pop every Wednesday.

Pinwheel Forest

Usea Fighting-type Pokemon to break a Star Piece from Challenger’s Rock once per day.

Castelia City

Casteliacone – On Mode Street you can buy one Casteliacone every Tuesday (all seasons except Winter) from the stand on the western side of the street.

Above: Casteliacone on the left and Studio Castelia to the right

Studio Castelia – On Mode Street inside Studio Castelia you can talk to the harlequin and show him a Pokemon of the type he wants to see to receive a berry of your choice (Aspear, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst) once per day.

Massages – On the ground floor of the building on the western side of Castelia street, a woman gives a massage daily to one Pokemon of your choice, which increases that Pokemon’s happiness.

Royal Unova
Located on the Cruise Dock opposite Castelia Street, the Royal Unova sails once per day post-game in the evenings. Upon this vessel you may enjoy various trainer battles, and if you defeat all trainers aboard that evening you’re rewarded with items that vary by day of the week.

Departure schedule:
Spring: 5:00PM – 7:59PM
Summer: 7:00PM – 8:59PM
Autumn: 5:00PM – 7:59PM
Winter: 4:00PM – 6:59PM

Item reward schedule:
Monday: Lava Cookie
Tuesday: Berry Juice
Wednesday: Lava Cookie
Thursday: Old Gateau
Friday: Lava Cookie
Saturday: RageCandyBar
Sunday: Rare Candy

Anville Town

Accessible through Nimbasa City’s Battle Subway, Anville Town is worth a visit after your subway battle session. An NPC in the southeastern-most house will give you a vitamin each day if you’ve already played the Battle Subway that day.

Driftveil City

In the house directly north of Driftveil Market,an NPC will give you one Heart Scale per day if you show her a Pokemon with the move she requests.

Twist Mountain
Most easily accessible through the Icirrus City entrance, the fossil man within Twist Mountain will give you one fossil from a previous Pokemon generation once per day. Fossils are:

Armor Fossil
Claw Fossil
Dome Fossil
Helix Fossil
Old Amber
Root Fossil
Skull Fossil

Icirrus City

In the house directly east of the gym, answer one Pep Quiz question once per day for an item. Correct answer gives an Antidote, incorrect yields a Parlyz Heal.

Route 8

The Parasol Girl near the entrance to the Tubeline Bridge will give you one rock per day, which varies depending on the time of day you speak to her.

Morning: Damp Rock
Day: Heat Rock
Evening: Smooth Rock
Night: Icy Rock

Opelucid City

In the house southwest of the gym, a man will give you a different prop for the Musical once per day.

Route 13

Above: Heck yeah, I did! And you can too

Beach – Use the Dowsing MCHN daily in beach areas to find valuable items like Pearls and Stardusts.

Treasure hunter – NPC by house to the west will give you one of the following items once per day:

Big Pearl
Black Flute
Blue Flute
Dragon Scale
Dubious Disc
Heart Scale
King’s Rock
Lucky Egg
Lucky Punch
Metal Coat
Metal Powder
Razor Claw
Razor Fang
Reaper Cloth
Red Flute
Shoal Salt
Shoal Shell
Thick Club
White Flute
Yellow Flute

Village Bridge

Hip Waders Club – In the house just east of the center of the bridge, show the Hip Wader the type of fish Pokemon he wants to see to receive 5 Dive Balls (once per day).

Above: The sandwich shop is south of the bridge proper

Sandwich shop – Play the waitress/waiter minigame daily to receive a Lum Berry (once per day).

Marvelous Bridge

After speaking to the NPC with the Patrats in Village Bridge, you will find her and her four Patrats on Marvelous Bridge. In a cup-switching style minigame, you can guess which Patrat is holding a Big Mushroom to win that Big Mushroom. You can keeping trying until you win, but you can only win once per day.

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