Sims 3 Supernatural announcement shows magic, zombies

EA announced today that their long-rumored seventh expansion pack will in fact be themed on the supernatural. The Sims 3 Supernatural features much of what you’re probably expecting from such an expansion including zombies, werewolves, and magic. There are some interesting bits though, like the ability to curse your character from the outset, and the somewhat odd product tie-in with Plants vs Zombies.

The ability to craft potions and elixirs as well as meddle in people’s affairs as a mischievous fairy both seem like great additions as well. EA also told us that the pack will also include gothic decor, a new career, and a new skill to master. They also alluded to a new lunar cycle that could have an effect on gameplay, “the onset of the mysterious lunar cycle will unveil strange revelations, secrets and mysteries that will shake up the entire town.” We’ll look forward to seeing how this content pack pans out when it releases this September.

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