Sigourney Weaver talks Ridley Scotts Prometheus

Sigourney Weaver says she has spoken to Ridley Scott about Prometheus and is much more positive about the Alien prequel (which she’s not in) than Ghostbusters 3 (which she would be).

“I actually talked to Ridley about this very idea and I’m delighted he’s doing it. I feel it’s in good hands. It’s a wonderful franchise and if they can invigorate the creature, it could have another life,” Weaver told Outbreak Hollywood .

“When you find [ the alien ] in the first movie with what we call the Space Jockey, the kind of strange creature with the elephant face… anyway, the eggs were in its ship, so where do they come from? So it’s like kind of following that storyline with, I hope, another great ensemble.”

We all know what happens when you return that ship – your colony gets wiped out. Here’s hoping Scott knows what he’s doing.

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