SFX Anime Magazine On Sale With Free DVD

Huge anime fan, or just starting out? The latest SFX Special Edition (with five free gifts) is your complete guide to what to watch, what to say and what to wear!

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Your 124-page anime magazine comes with a free DVD containing two full episodes of Baka And Test season one! There’s no better way to get started with this great animated TV show from Manga UK . Plus you’ll get three Welcome To The Space Show post cards and a double-sided Fullmetal Alchemist poster! Not bad, eh?

The exclusive SFX Special Editions deliver another fantastic guide to everything you need to know about the anime scene. Hot new shows detailed, DVDs reviewed, stars interviewed and more! With columns from some of the UK’s best-known commentators on the subject, tons of information on anime old and new, and a celebration of seminal series Dragon Ball Z , you won’t want to miss it.

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Inside your exclusive magazine, all new themed content on…

  • Dragon Ball Z – Celebrating the exploits of the mighty Goku!
  • Toon Titan – Toei animation , Japan’s largest anime studio, profiled in depth
  • The Girl Who Could Fly – Looking back at Nausicaä , Hayao Miyazaki’s first, beautiful hit
  • Full Metal Alchemist : The Sacred Star Of Milos director and producer interviewed
  • Classic anime you have to see
  • A guide to common anime Japanese terms
  • Cosplay galore!

PLUS! Tiger And Bunny , Welcome To The Space Show , Fullmetal Alchemist , Blood-C , Berserk , Angel Beats , Ghost In The Shell , Evangelion , reviews galore and much, much more…

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Order you print copy from My Favourite Magazines

Or pick up a copy at your local friendly newsagent (on the shelves until 18 September). Come and tell us what you think of the anime scene on our forum .

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