Returnal trailer shows off the grim array of foes you’ll be facing

New Returnal trailer shows off the enemy designs, and they’re absolutely disgusting (in a good way).

We’re just a few weeks out from the release of PS5 exclusive Returnal, so Sony is trickling out new trailers to keep fans hyped for the intense action shooter. There’s already been a look at plenty of the details on the weaponry and abilities that are available to Selene. Now, this latest video posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel (opens in new tab) leaves our intrepid hero in the background, and instead focuses on the vast array of alien creatures that she’ll be facing on the hostile world of Atropos.

The video is narrated by Selene as she talks about the variety of dangerous fauna that she has encountered. First up is the Mycomorph, which looks like a weird amalgamation of fungus and trees – kinda like the most messed up, infected dryad you’ve ever seen. This monstrosity fires fungal spores which damage you and impede your movement all at once. Delightful.

Next up is the Titanops, which is what happens when someone looks at if Mister X took a whole bunch of steroids, and also had more tentacles. It’s not often that you look at a Resident Evil boss and decide it needs more tentacles, but this thing disagrees. It’s an aggressive brute that leaps at you and strikes with punches and tentacle swipes.

We won’t spoil everything for you, so go ahead and watch the trailer to see the full extent of the horrors that await you on Atropos. Suffice to say, there’s a huge variety of foes ranging from ancient robots to winged beasties that turn the whole battle arena into a bullet-hell shooter. 

Returnal launches on April 30 exclusively for the PS5. It comes to us from Housemarque, the development team behind PS4 shoot em up Resogun. This is Housemarque’s first title since it shifted away from arcade style games and towards AAA game experiences.

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