Rage demo extends to PSN

PlayStation 3 owners finally have their chance to try out a level from id Software’s Rage, whose post-release demo hit Xbox Live last month. While the game’s been out since October, a preview’s a preview if you haven’t played the full game yet – and it’s not like graphics technology has rendered Rage’s post-apocalyptic flair any less impressive in the weeks since release.

Above: The demo’s combat section was previewed back at E3

Just like the Xbox Live demo, this preview sees players explore the game’s Wellspring area to meet the locals, try some racing action, and clear out the murderous clan of psychopaths threatening to poison the town’s water supply. As anyone who’s played Rage knows, this sequence comes a ways after the game’s tutorial and initial stages, giving new players a chance to experience what id’s shooter is like once the training wheels come off. North American players can download it now; if you’re in Europe, it’ll be available by day’s end.

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