Prepare to die with Dark Souls limited edition statues

Dark Souls is due out next week on October 4, so it’s about time someone made limited edition statues, right? Great. Here are five of them. They’re each about 12-inches tall and made by sculptor and Dark Souls fan Peter Nordstram. One is a lady with half a pinwheel in her hair, one is a dark knight with very little face, two are monsters (one is a cutie), and one is a knight on his knees – presumably doing some of the dying that thegame promiseswill happen so frequently.

Remember, these aren’t action figures – that’s kid stuff. Dark Souls is much too serious for figures with points of articulation. These are statues, and statues are prizes. If you’d like to get them for yourself, they should eventually be winnable as prizes through Dark Soul’s website Images of each statue appear under Dark Soul’s “Treasures Untold” on the community page, but just remember that if you do happen to snag one that it’s a valuable collector’s item — not a toy.

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