Battlefield 3 beta now open to all on PSN, XBLA and PC

EA has finally opened up the Battlefield 3 beta, allowing anyone with an interest in the title (that is, all of you who read past the headline) to satisfy their curiosity. If you preordered the title on Origin and/or purchased EA’s Medal of Honor: Tier 1 Edition, you’ve had 48 hours with the title to yourselves. Here’s hoping you took the time to learn what button makes bullets come out of the gun, because whether you’re on PC, PSN or Xbox Live Gold, the teeming hordes are about to descend upon your position.

Above: gogogogogogogogogo

The beta takes place within the game’s multiplayer position-defense Rush mode, on the Operation Métro map that was previewed at E3 2011 to no end of acclaim. Those interested in a look at the game’s contentious new single-player mode will have to wait until the title’s October 25 release date. DICE will be using the Beta as an opportunity to stress-test the game’s servers and code, but has also urged players to register on free Battlefield social platform Battlelog in order to track stats and leave feedback about the beta.

Operation Métro will be live until October 10. Log on and tell us what you think – or, if you’re interested in BF3 but not quite interested enough to actually play it, we’ve done that bit for you.

Sep 29, 2011

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