Plants vs Zombies 2 finally released

PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time has been released worldwide. The free-to-play sequel is now available to download from the App Store for iOS devices. It missed its original release date of July 18 to provide extra time for focus testing, although the title did receive a soft launch in Australia and New Zealand on July 9.

The game builds on 2009’s original Plants vs Zombies with fresh visuals, plants and zombies, various worlds in which to play (beginning with Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and Wild West), and plant food, which lets players supercharge their turrets.

The PopCap developer diaries at the top and bottom of this article show off some of the changes made to plants and zombies. And here you can read why PopCap thinks players shouldn’t be wary about the series’ transition to a free-to-play business model supported by microtransactions.

We recently caught up with Allen Murray, senior producer on Plants vs Zombies 2, to chat about the game and why it took so damn long to make it. We’re hopeful that the title will come to other platforms, but plans beyond the iOS release haven’t been confirmed.

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