Around the Network: 16th August 2013

It’s been a busy week here at Future Publishing Towers – but what better way to ease yourself into the weekend than with a selection of links from our finest, shiniest websites?


CVG analyses GTA Online in depth – and it sounds pretty darn awesomesauce.

CVG’s big interview of the week is with Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, who talks about Grand Theft Auto Online .


Everything you possbily need to know about the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer details .

Saints Row may not be what you expected – but it’s definitely worth a look. Here’s GamesRadar’s glowing Saints Row IV review .

Official Nintendo Magazine

ONM have gone poketastic with their full-on breakdown of Pokemon X and Y Pokedex – New Pokemon .

In other Poke-news (because you can never have enough), ONM select their Top 5 Pokemon Types

Official PlayStation Magazine

If you love a bit of stealthy spy action, then you should definitely check out OPM’s Splinter Cell PS3 review and gameplay video .

OPM may not be quite as advocate-y, but you should still check out their Saints Row 4 PS3 review and gameplay video

Official Xbox Magazine

OXM’s full report on Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer has tons of fascinating news and info on what could be the biggest shooter of the year.


It’s the question we all want to know – so find out which cars can do 0-60mph the fastest .

We blame Angry Birds – Money spent on apps will hit $75 billion by 2017 .


GPS branches out into fitness in this TomTom Runner review

The future’s bright. The future’s tech-tastic: 10 amazing materials that could transform our tech

Tesco Tech Support

With a host of browsers to choose from, TTS aks which is the best Android browser .

In case you haven’t already, here’s how to update your Xbox 360 .

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