Ninja Turtles co-creator says new reboot is the best yet

Ever since Michael Bay announced that his production company were backing a reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , fans have been merrily putting the boot into what seems generally regarded as a totally unnecessary undertaking.

The main problem seems to be with Bay’s announcement that the backstory will be tweaked to recast the Turtles as alien beings rather than mutated reptiles. However, director Jonathan Liebsman was quick to reassure fans of the story’s authenticity, claiming, “Whatever mythology we’re building on or expanding is coming from that guy, Kevin Eastman’s head, who created the Turtles in the first place.”

Eastman was one of the co-creators of the original comic-book characters and now he too has had his say on the forthcoming reboot. And what do you know? It turns out he’s all for it.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s easily the best Turtle movie yet,” Eastman told MTV . “We’re talking Raid: Redemption -style fight scenes; we’re talking about epic Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes sort of effects.”

“I know that Michael and his group really like [the changes] and that Paramount was supportive of that,” he continues, “so I think that it’s great. I grew up reading Captain America and The Avengers and all that stuff, and over the course of the comic book history, since Avengers has been around, how many times has it been reinvented, reformatted, restructured, replatformed?”

Even so… Turtles from space? As the script is still being written no release date has currently been set, allowing plenty more time for increasingly frantic studio reassurances that “everything is going to be okay, honest”. Anyone believe them?

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