Resident Evil 6 Anthology, Archives editions confirmed by Capcom

Ordinarily, when we hear about video game special edition packages it involves a ton of useless plastic stuff and momentarily interesting art books.

Which is why we’re so please to hear Capcom has officially announced the Anthologies and Archives editions of Resident Evil 6, for within lies a veritable treasure trove of Resident Evil games.

The Archives Edition will include Resident Evil 6, RE5 Gold Edition, RE4 HD, RE: Code Veronica X HD, and RE: Degeneration (film.)

The Anthologies Edition boasts the mother load. Within that package lies RE6, RE5 Gold, RE4 HD, RE3: Nemesis, RE2, and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. Unfortunately, it seems Capcom has disowned Resident Evil Zero entirely. (Or more likely, they just couldn’t pry the rights away from Nintendo platforms.)

The real kicker is that both of these huge packages are going for just $89.99. For virtually every traditional entry in the RE series that’s an absolute steal. We’re not sure about you, but that sounds like a Day 1 purchase. Especially if they can rustle up some of the more embarrassing installments as pre-order bonuses.

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