New Vegas Old World Blues trailer is the weirdest Fallout vid yet

Just in case you were close to figuring out what the crap Fallout: New Vegas’ Old World Blues DLC was all about, Bethesda has released a new trailer featuring whole new levels of weird, odd, and wtf. See now why this wasteland adventure may be the strangest yet.

Robo-scorpions, robo-dogs, robo-scientists, and homicidal housewives? Old World Blues always looked like it was drinking the crazy sauce, but this seems off-kilter even by Fallout standards (not that we’re complaining).

From what we do know, the DLC involves an abandoned science lab buried within Big Mountain, wherein players must find the secrets of their past, and a weaponthat could save the future. Based on the trailer, all the pieces seem to fit the plot. We won’t know how well they come together, however, until Old World Blues releases for download on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on July 19th.

Jul 12, 2011

Fallout: New Vegas’ Old World Blues DLC looks painful in new screenshots
…except for Muggy (he’s just huggable)

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