New details revealed in Final Fantasy XIII-2 images

Square-Enix has just released the biggest batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screens yet, and if you look closely and you’ll find tidbits on the battle system, story and new locations in the sequel. Join us as we dissect the details…

Sora and Fang’s lovechild Noel’s last name is Kreiss.*Looks upmeaning of Kreiss (opens in new tab)* …”dweller on a boundary line” sounds like he might be crucialin uniting the worlds of Cocoon and Pulse, maybe?

What’s true??? OMG WHAT IS TRUE??! In the background we also see a lovely beach scene, and since Cocoon looms in the sky, we know they’re on Pulse. We never visited any such beachy areas on Pulse in FFXIII, so this location must be new.

Another shot of the beach. The only town we saw on Pulse in FFXIII was Vanille and Fang’s hometown of Oerba, but this place looksmorelike the Pulse version ofCocoon’s Bodhum.

Who dat?! It almost looks like an updated version of Anima from FFX, but it looks nothing like theAnima we saw as a fal’Cie boss (opens in new tab)in FFXIII. Regardless, this fearsome guy must be a fal’Cie of some sort.

Looks like some kind of meteorite has crashed into Pulse. First Cocoon, now a meteorite? Can’t a planet catch a break? Where is Ragnarok when you need her?

Confirming what we saw at it E3, here we seethebattle system remains intact. If it ain’t broke…

Looks like some enemies are recycled, too.

So far,Noel, Serah and Lightningare the only confirmed playable characters – we’re eager to see more.

For more details on FFXIII-2, check out orE3 preview. To see higher res versions of the screens, headhere. Did we miss anything?

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