Portal 2s Summer Mapping Initiative contest winners revealed, released into the wild

Valve has selected the winners of its Summer Mapping Initiative contest; a Portal 2 level-design competition in which over 280 amateurAperture Sciencearchitects vied for an opportunity to be showered with unique Portal 2 gifts and see theirhomemadecreationsreleased as Valve-sanctioned DLC for PC or Mac.

Above: Patent Pending looks

In the end, three maps were chosento receivegrand prize honors. They include‘Patent Pending’ (opens in new tab), a 30-minute tour dephysics-bending force created by Tom ‘ebola’ Chiu,which features a complex arrangement of aerial faith plates, excursion funnels, hard light surfaces and discouragement beams. The other two winning mapsinclude‘Infinifling’ (opens in new tab),a “chamber filled with redirections (we had to have some) and mechanics built on prevailing mid-air portaling techniques” constructed by MrTwoVideoCards; and ‘Edifice (opens in new tab)’, a medium difficulty mapdone up in thedestroyed chamber style by Omnicoder.

All three winners have been rewarded with Portal 2 prize packs comprised of replica Aperture Science gels, a signed Portal 2 poster from the game’s developers, and other Portal 2 goodies. Their maps, along with those designed by a slew of runner-ups, can be downloaded to PCs and Macs followings the steps atThinkingWithPortals.com. (opens in new tab)

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners won’t have to wait very long for free maps of their own either, as Valve previously announced it would be releasing new levels, leaderboards and otherPortal 2enhancementsin afree DLC pack,due for all systems this summer.

Jun 29, 2011

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Make-your-own-portal-puzzle contest on now until June 6th

Valve launches Portal 2 music video contest
Add pictures to The National’s latest, win a signed guitar

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First Portal 2 DLC announced, will be free (opens in new tab)
New chambers and features coming to all platforms this summer

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