Misfits Series 3 Episode 6 TV Review

Should Have Worn Protection

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Writer: Jon Brown
Director: Jonathan Van Tulleken

The One Where: Rudy’s cock (almost) falls off, and Curtis gets pregnant. Er, what?

Verdict: Another Jon Brown joint this week, and an episode that in retrospect we’re surprised it’s taken quite this long to appear. A super-powered STD couldn’t be more Misfits . It perfectly encapsulates at least two of the show’s themes – super powers and the dangers of behaving like a dick. Sex ed classes would be much more entertaining if they showed this instead of using crusty old textbooks.

There’s a simple formula to be derived from this week’s episode – more Rudy = more laughs. The bizarre pre-title sequence flirting, his excitement at the arrival of an ice cream van and his horror at the state of his own deformed genitalia are all hilarious minor moments, and that’s just the first 10 minutes. What makes Rudy’s slightly inflated screen time even more enjoyable is that he spends most of it with Simon – the polar pair forming the perfect comedy double act as they re-enact a slightly less convoluted, but much seedier version of The Hangover in search of Rudy’s one night stand. Excitement is thin on the ground, but every one of their scenes is a gem, building towards an endearing, redemptive climax.

That’s only half the story though. Curtis discovering he/she’s up the duff with his own child sounds like the kind of idea that should be more outrageous and memorable than it is. Perhaps it’s because we’re not buying the method of conception. How deep was Melissa cleaning up down there with that tissue anyway? In an episode about a man’s todger falling off it’s saying something that this was the biggest logic hurdle . It also suffers from being the more low key and least interesting of the parallel plots, whenever Rudy’s off-screen we’re left yearning for his return.

Did we say “half the story” earlier? One third would be more accurate because Seth and Kelly also share a handful of sweet scenes together this week, the unlikely duo quickly becoming one of our favourite couples on the show (though they’ll have to work hard to topple Simon and Rudy’s bromance). As with all good things in the Misfits-verse, however, the cracks are appearing already, with Seth discovering the power he’s been looking for all this time – the ability to bring people back from the dead in order to resurrect his girlfriend. It’s purely set up for the next episode’s fireworks, of course, but damn if it doesn’t give us a cliffhanger to die for.

It’s Wossername? You might recognise Amy Manson, who plays Leah – Rudy’s one night stand (you know, the one with the nice collar bones) as Outcasts ’ Fleur Morgan or Being Human ’s Daisy.

Missed opportunity: There’s an ice cream van and multiple ice creams featured this episode, but not one of them is a Cornetto. However, (potential *ice cream spoilers*), we do know that someone is seen eating a Cornetto in episode eight. Keep it on the down low.

Going The Distance: Rudy lasts a mammoth 19 seconds in the sack with Leah. Yes, we counted. He definitely doesn’t deserve that Ready Brek.

“You just need to wake her up, talk to her and try to have sex with her.”
“Or what?”
“I mean do I need to wake her up, is that bit important?”
“What do you mean?”
Rudy: “
I don’t know, can’t I just slip it in there and give her a little sleepy fuck?
“That’s rape!”

Nitpick: We’re sorry, but there’s no way any ice-cream vendor in the world is that sexy. How does Curtis keep stumbling across these beauty queens? (And don’t say “Because it’s a TV show”, that’s cheating).

Behind The Scenes: This is the first full episode of Misfits directed by Jonathan Van Tulleken. He’s previously made several short films, directed the online short “Vegas, baby!” featuring Nathan’s last appearance, and will be directing the final episode of the series in two-weeks time.

Best Line
“Anyway, stop chatting, we’ve gotta save my cock.”

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