Meet Our New Horror Columnist Penny Dreadful

From issue 208 there will be another new face in the pages of SFX mag

SFX ‘s new look isn’t just cosmetic – it introduces some fresh features too, as we’ve started to reveal on the site this week. And we’re pleased to announce another new regular, in the form of our own fright guru Penny Dreadful. From next issue, our chilling columnist will be contributing a monthly piece outlining the best and worst of her month in horror.

Who is this enigmatic writer? What poison drips from her quill? What perverse delights will she recommend to our unsuspecting readers? It’s a mystery. A mystery with a terrifying 18-rated ending.

Find out what else Penny has to whisper to you from Thursday 7 April, when the redesigned SFX ( finally, fingers crossed ) hits newsstands and doormats.

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