Mass Effect 3 Epilogue DLC coming next week

The fan outrage over the ending of Mass Effect 3 was heard around the world, but more importantly it was heard at Bioware Headquarters. And now the free epilogue DLC that they promised would clear up confusion about the ending is due to arrive next week on Tuesday, June 26. They’ve also released a short audio interview (opens in new tab) with the executive producer and lead writer of the series that explains some of the rationale and ethos that went into the creation of the epilogue.

The most interesting tidbit is that Bioware describes themselves as entertainers, not artists. They say in the interview that it wouldn’t be right for them to take an artistic stand and refuse to change the ending because they really just want to entertain people. Which is an interesting counterpoint to the critics who said that Bioware should refuse to alter their work simply because the fans didn’t like it.

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