Dragons Dogma Gransys map guide

Whether you’re a Dragon’s Dogma beginner slowly trying to uncover map fog or a seasoned traveler hunting in the post-game landscape, there’s no denying that Gransys is dauntingly huge. With over 150 locations, numerous cities/towns/shops, and a roster of area-specific monsters that changes drastically after you’ve defeated the Dragon, it wouldn’t hurt to have a handy map for easy reference. We hope you enjoy – just make sure to zoom in!

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Note: This map includes some monsters and NPCs labeled ‘post game.’ This means they are only found in the locations specified after you’ve defeated the Dragon. In addition, monsters found in locations previous to the Dragon’s defeat may no longer be there post game.

Also, not ALL landmarks are labeled, though they do appear on the map. Only the large areas and notable locations are labeled, though every landmark (flag) you see does count towards the “The Explorer” achievement/trophy.

If you want more Dragon’s Dogma guides, we have a Quest Walkthrough for all your dragon-slaying needs. Also before you start your journey in Gransys check out our Beginner’s Guide, it’s full of very useful tips and things we wish we knew before we started the game.

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