I Am Legend sequel in development

When I Am Legend scooped £368 million at the box office, there was almost immediate talk of a sequel.

The follow-up was initially rumoured as a prequel, detailing the fall of mankind, but the project never came to fruition.

However, Warner Bros have breathed new life into the return of the plague-ridden thriller.

I Am Legend , based on the 1954 novel by Richard Matheson, saw Will Smith battle to survive a desolate Manhattan.

His only companion was his pet dog after a disease savagely wiped out most of humanity, turning a select (and unlucky) few into rampant, bloodthirsty monsters.

The film’s ending saw Smith’s character, Robert Neville – spoiler alert – sacrifice his life to save other survivors and despite this, it seems the star could potentially play a part in the new film.

Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment and producer Akiva Goldsman are on board, with new screenwriter Arash Amel taking the writing duties.

Details are hazy at present, so whether Smith will be appearing is not yet confirmed, but if the film’s plot doesn’t delve into the events prior to the plague then there is another route open to Arash Amel.

An alternate ending saw Neville survive the third-act, perhaps giving the studio enough room to continue Neville’s story.

Will Smith has largely taken a step back from acting over the last few years with Hancock (2008) and Seven Pounds (2008) being his most recent outings before Men In Black III hits our cinema screens in May.

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