Call of Duty: Warzone survey leaks a new fast travel system using red doors

A Call of Duty: Warzone survey suggests a fast travel system is coming to the game very soon.

In a recent tweet, Call of Duty specialists CharlieIntel shared a new survey that has been sent out to Call of Duty: Warzone players. Within the survey itself, there’s mention of a “new fast travel system” by way of mysterious red doors.

A recent survey sent out by Activision states that a “fast travel system” using Red Doors is coming to Warzone. (Img via @CallofDutyHope) 28, 2021

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Obviously, fast travel isn’t a thing that’s present in Call of Duty: Warzone as of right now. Previously, the subway system was added to the old Verdansk map last year, and gave players a quick new way to get around the map underground, but this new fast travel systems sound a lot quicker than the subway.

Right now, Warzone developer Raven Software hasn’t made any public announcement of a fast travel system coming to Verdansk 84. As CharlieIntel notes (opens in new tab) though, in the reveal cinematic for the new Verdansk 84 map, a red door could be seen opening out onto the map. Could this have been a teaser for the new fast travel system?

Right now, we’ll have to wait and hear from Raven Software about any forthcoming additions to Verdansk 84. Speaking of the older Warzone map, Raven Software recently confirmed that the original Verdansk map was done for good after the nuclear weapon event, and would never be returning to the game.

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