How much would you pay to play Angry Birds on your console? Because this is how much Activision will be charging…

So how much would you pay to play Angry Birds on your console? What would you consider to be a reasonable price? Because for the recently revealed Angry Birds Trilogy, publisher Activision has slapped on an RRP of $39.99 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, and $29.99 for 3DS. Which – to use the correct avian vernacular – seems very plucking expensive. Very plucking expensive indeed.

Above: All this could be yours for $40

For your money you get the following – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. They come in ‘stunning HD’, have ‘totally new controls built for a living room’ and use the underwhelming arm-flapping technologies of Kinect and Move. The 3DS version has optional stereoscopic three-dimensions for your eyes and StreetPass functions for the outwardly mobile. The press release also promises ‘More information on new content, features and come!’ Pretty sure some words are missing there.

But even with the additional trimmings, the $40 and $30 price tags seem drastically over-priced. Especially when you consider all three games can be purchased for your iOS device for the poultry sum of $6. Which is much cheeper.

Perhaps when the game comes out in time for Christmas, Angry Bird loyalists (which I am not) will happily pay the asking price without getting their feathers in a ruffle. Personally, I think the Angry Birds Trilogy can go take a flying f… [oh, what’s this? $5 for Portal 2 in the Steam Summer Sale. Don’t mind if I do].

Source: USA Today (opens in new tab)

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