How Its Done: 20XXs creator bottles that Mega Man soul

Here’s the thing about Mega Man: getting it right is not easy. Over the more than three dozen Mega Man games made over the past thirty years, most of them aren’t that great. The dizzying highs of Mega Man 3 and Mega Man X are often paired with ghastly lows like Mega Man X7 and the Wonderswan version of Rockman & Forte. (Yes, it’s that bad.) That’s why we’re so impressed with Batterystaple Games. 20XX, its new game paying homage to the Mega Man classics but with a co-op spin, captures some of that elusive soul. We’re talking to Batterystaple’s Chris King about how he did it on How It’s Done, live today at 4:30PM ET/1:30PM PT.

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