Horrible Bosses trailer online

horrible bosses

The first trailer for Jason Bateman’s new comedy Horrible Bosses has landed online.

Bateman plays Nick, who suffers under the tyrannical rule of his boss (Kevin Spacey). Meanwhile, his friend Dale (Charlie Day) is having similar problems with his own malicious manager (Jennifer Aniston).

When Nick’s passed up for a promotion, and Dale is blackmailed by his boss, they both decide there’s only one way out – they need to kill their bosses.

Check out the trailer below…

Hell, we’ve all been there, and Horrible Bosses knows it. From the trailer, though, the film isn’t concerned with realistic portrayals of bad bosses, leaning more in the direction of completely outrageous.

Which of course it has to, considering the plot’s about killing your boss. With all those people funny involved, Bosses could end up getting some laughs – not least Aniston’s mould-breaking evil dentist and Colin Farrell’s uglified baldy. Sadly, this trailer doesn’t elicit many big belly laughs.

Horrible Bosses opens 22 July.

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