Fox pushing forward with sequel to Prometheus

The wheels appear to be in motion over at Fox regarding a potential sequel to Prometheus , with the studio reportedly in talks with a new screenwriter to get a script up and running.

Ridley Scott has long been open about his view of the first film as the first part of a new franchise, but this is the first concrete sign that Fox is moving forward with the proposed sequel.

Variety (opens in new tab) reports that Jack Paglen has been identified by the studio as the man to take the new film forward, and is currently in discussions with Fox over penning the sequel.

Paglen recently finished work on Transcendence , Wally Pfister’s forthcoming sci-fi, and will presumably pick things up with Noomi Rapace’s character heading off to find the homeland of the Engineers.

At present, it’s expected that Rapace and Michael Fassbender would reprise their roles, although nothing is confirmed as yet. We also know that Ridley Scott will produce, although whether he returns to direct or not remains to be seen…

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