First teaser poster for Resident Evil: Retribution

Following the recent release of the film’s first official trailer , Sony have consolidated their Resident Evil: Retribution publicity drive with the release of a first teaser poster.

Somehow, the studio have managed to resist cramming all their latest products into the new one-sheet (see the first twenty seconds or so of the trailer if you don’t know what we mean), in favour of sheer, unadulterated carnage.

The film’s tagline is “Evil goes global”, and that motto is borne out in the poster, which shows global landmarks such as Big Ben and Moscow’s Red Square laid to waste by the latest zombie outbreak.

Meanwhile, the ominous logo of the Umbrella Corporation looms large over proceedings, it being their deadly T-virus that has transformed the Earth into a playground for the living dead.

There’s no sign of the catsuit-clad Milla Jovovich in this one, but we’d bank on her returning in all her latex glory when the next poster arrives. Resident Evil: Retribution will open in the UK on 14 September 2012.

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