Fast Five is the most pirated movie of 2011

Fast Five , the fifth instalment in the ever-healthy action franchise, was the most pirated movie of 2011 on BitTorrent, according to the LA Times .

The film was apparently downloaded some 9.3 million times, though the average number of downloads of the top 10 movies was lower than the equivalent list last year.

While box-office behemoths occupy the top 3 places ( The Hangover Part II and Thor sit in spots 2 & 3 respectively), the remainder of the list is quite different to the top-grossing films.

This year’s Twilight and Transformers films didn’t make the top 10 most popular downloads, while Source Code , I Am Number Four and Sucker Punch (none of which broke the top 50 in terms of US grosses) did.

It’s possibly most sad to see Source Code on the list – a smart, interesting, modestly budgeted sci-fi, the type of which we don’t see enough of in cinemas.

If those illegal downloads could be converted to purchased tickets, we’d have a better chance of this kind of film getting made more often, instead of the countless sequels, remakes and reboots we’re swamped with.

Here’s the full list of the 10 most pirated movies (and the number of times they were downloaded):

1. Fast Five : 9.3 million

2. The Hangover Part II : 8.8 million

3. Thor : 8.3 million

4. Source Code : 7.9 million

5. I Am Number Four : 7.7 million

6. Sucker Punch : 7.2 million

7. 127 Hours : 6.9 million

8. Rango : 6.5 million

9. The King’s Speech : 6.3 million

10. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 : 6 million

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