Fan-pleasing Nintendo references in LEGO City Undercover

Wii U exclusivity means one thing…

Nintendo-themed balloons are just the start

Traveller’s Tales Fusion has hidden away a wealth of brilliant Nintendo cameos in its excellent LEGO City Undercover. We’re about 50 hours into the game (and incredibly not sick of LEGO yet) and about 15% away from total completion. These are the wonderful Nintendo references we’ve seen so far…

Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill in LEGO City Undercover

This little fella gets fired from a cannon in King’s Court and promptly makes a beeline straight for you. Just like Mario Galaxy, there’s a bonus to be had if you can get him to destroy a cage nearby.


Bob-Omb in LEGO City Undercover

Made out of LEGO, of course. You’ll find him in Pagoda. Again, you can use him to destroy a cage by picking him up. Be careful his fuse doesn’t burn out before you get there, mind…

Mario Block

A Mario Block in LEGO City Undercover

There are several of these hidden around the city. If you headbutt them, you receive a load of LEGO studs for each jump until it’s destroyed. This one’s in Pagoda, down by the water.

Dry Bones

Dry Bones in LEGO City Undercover

This familiar skeleton is only unlockable after you’ve beaten the story mode and collected the Rex Fury character token, allowing you access to the crate in the museum. We half expected him to fall apart when punched and re-assemble himself, but sadly he’s indestructible once built.

Donkey Kong

A Donkey Kong-themed section in LEGO City Undercover

Not DK himself, but this section of the level features sloped platforms, ladders and hazards rolling towards you. Chase even says: “I hope there isn’t a giant ape at the top of this thing”.

Mario Flag

Mario flag pole in LEGO City Undercover

Fort Meadows has a direct reference to the Mario games at the top of this spire. Chase jumps down onto the top of the flag pole and replaces the bowser flag with a Mario one as fireworks go off.

A familiar jump

Jump like Mario in LEGO City Undercover

Some characters have a Mario-style jump with a fist in the air. Conversely, Rex Fury has a very strange ‘flap both feet forward’ jumping style. We don’t know why.

Zelda Chicken

Make like Link in LEGO City Undercover

This must be a reference to Zelda games, surely. The Super Chicken Glide enables you to reach far-away places by using the flapping power of a chicken. It’s surprisingly useful…


Wiggler in LEGO City Undercover

Head to Bluebell National Park and look for the train track emerging from the tunnel to the south. Above the entrance to the tunnel is an inaccessible ledge. And on it, happily walking around, is a LEGO Wiggler. We’ve tried everything to get up there, but it seems impossible. It’s OK, he looks happy enough.

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