Dino D-Day Revisited

According to numerous alternate histories, Adolf Hitler was big time into cloning. So it was only a matter of time before he started dabbling in a little Dino DNA. Yes, the man was a horrible monster, but in the spirit of Dino D-Day’s glorious revisionist timeline, let’s try and take a moment to tip our hats to the tyrant, shall we? Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the flying raptors, exploding compies, and a turret-mounted T-Rex!

This game is pretty much made specifically for people those who had their minds blown after watching Jurassic Park in the theater for the first time. Yeah, the game didn’t exactly set the world on fire upon its initial release, but there have since been several updates/improvements (MORE PLAYABLE DINOSAURS), so we thought it deserved a second look. And head here to see the PC Gamer crew square off against the Dino D-Day team. Oh yes… there will be blood. And talons. And acidic spit!

Above: Ptyranny

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