Brutal Legend live stream/giveaway @ 3:30pm PST

Apologies, folks! We’re working out some technical difficulties, but never fear–open-world rocking shall commence at 3:30pm.

What do you get when you cross Double Fine Productions, Jack Black, and copious amounts of head-bang-inducing metal? A crazy game called Brütal Legend, which chronicles the epic adventures of veteran roadie Eddie Riggs as he battles hordes of demons with the power of rock. To celebrate the game’s upcoming PC release, we’re livestreaming Brütal Legend this afternoon and giving away Steam codes to our viewers. Tune in at 3pm PST, crank up your volume, and get ready to rock out with us.

Watch below or hit up the GamesRadar Twitch page, and the gods of metal will smile upon you. You might not be able to see it, but we’ll likely be air-guitaring the entire time.

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