Batman: Arkham City getting Batcave DLC in December

Rocksteady is suiting up to release another batch of challenge maps for Batman: Arkham City which will see players WHAM!, ZOK!, and KAPOW! against crime in two villainous locales and one very secret vigilante hideout.

Confirmed for arrival on December 20, the DLC pack will include two challenge maps that were originally handed out as pre-order bonuses: the Iceberg Lounge map, wherein players brawl inside Penguin’s swanky establishment; and Joker’s Carnival, both of which follow the standard mode that challenges Batmen and Batwomen to rack up the biggest score possible by surviving hordes of enemies and building up a combat gauge for extra perks. In addition to previously released content, the pack will also contain a new Batcave challenge map, the complete details of which have yet to be released.

Judging by this and the recent Robin and Nightwing packs, Rocksteady appears to be focusing its DLC efforts on challenge maps, rather than actual game expansions. Not to say the new arenas and modes aren’t interesting, just that a new side mission, story expansion, or any new reason at all to stalk Arkham City’s streets would also be welcome.

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