Avowed, Obsidians answer to Skyrim, reportedly features firearms

Obsidian’s upcoming Skyrim challenger Avowed could have firearms, which would certainly differentiate it from Bethesda’s classic RPG a tad. 

Windows Central (opens in new tab) editor Jez Corden has recently appeared on the Defining Duke podcast (below), with the main conversation topic being the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. Chat eventually shifts to what Obsidian might be bringing to the party, with podcast participants speculating that we may see Avowed. 

Corden remarks that it’s a good bet before the chatter shifts to what he saw when seeing gameplay (opens in new tab) for the upcoming game last year. Alongside your usual offering of archery and magical arrows, Corden confirms that he saw guns before clarifying that they were muskets rather than something like a machine gun. 

It’s a decent bet. Avowed takes place in the Pillars of Eternity universe, which features firearms like pistols and muskets. There has been some speculation among fans that Avowed could take place centuries before Pillars of Eternity’s time period, though plenty are now thinking twice (opens in new tab) about that due to the mention of firearms. 

Either way, we may see more of Avowed sooner than we know. Xbox and Bethesda are holding not one but two showcases over the coming weeks for non-E3 2022, with the first one taking place on June 12. That’ll be the more announcement-heavy show, with the next outing on June 14 being more focused on going deeper on what’s been shown. 

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