50 Greatest Movie Drunks

Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

The Drunk: The fumes literally come off the screen as Ben Sanderson goes on a mission to drink himself to death, as love interest Elisabeth Shue watches on. Nicolas Cage is so convincing we always get a hangover the day after watching the movie.

Tipple Of Choice: Whiskey, though any alcohol will do, really.

Robert Shaw in Jaws (1975)

The Drunk: Shark hunter Quint is a pirate of the modern day variety, drinking more than a fish as he searches the seas for the monsters of the deep.

Tipple Of Choice: Ask the shark, he’ll know.

Everybody in Dazed And Confused (1993)

The Drunks: The 1976 graduating class of Texas’ Lee High School. Doing it the proper way, this lot get themselves a keg, and then head to the moon tower to enjoy it. Shame the police turn up.

Tipple Of Choice: Beer, dudes.

Charlie Chaplin in City Lights (1931)

The Drunk: The kind of drunk who creates chaos wherever he goes. Known only as A Tramp, this fellow is picked up periodically by a millionaire who gets him well and truly trollied.

Tipple Of Choice:
He doesn’t really have a choice to be honest.

Albert Finney in Under The Volcano (1984)

The Drunk: Miserable old Geoffrey Firmin. His finest line? “Hell is my natural habitat.” He’s drinking in an attempt to drown his inner despair.

Tipple Of Choice: Is this whiskey or brandy he’s holding aloft? Either way, strong stuff.

Dudley Moore in Arthur (1981)

The Drunk: Playboy Arthur Bach, who lives a life of utter frivolity, partying it up with the best of them – which, naturally, includes downing a few bottles of the good stuff.

Tipple Of Choice: The finest champagne that money can buy.

Elizabeth Taylor in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

The Drunk: Mean old Martha’s got a mouth on her, and she’s not afraid to use it. Whether that’s putting down her husband, or getting busy with a house guest…

Tipple Of Choice: Not rubbing alcohol, though if she’s desperate enough…

Jimmy Stewart in Harvey (1950)

The Drunk: Drink-loving Elwood P. Dowd has a best friend that he likes to go to the pub with. That best friends just so happens to be a 6’ 3” pooka named Harvey. Don’t judge him for it.

Tipple Of Choice: Beer. Shots. Whatever the bartender gives him.

Martha MacIsaac in Superbad (2007)

The Drunk: High schooler Becca gets so drunk that she winds up in bed with skinny dweeb Evan. At least he’s going to get an amazing “blow-jay” out of it…

Tipple Of Choice: Goldschlager.

Robert Hays in Airplane! (1980)

The Drunk: Don’t call him Shirley. Taxi driver Ted Striker loves him a drink – though he seems to have a bit of trouble getting them into his gob.

Tipple Of Choice: Whatever he can find on a plane.

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