3DS eShop game essentials guide

Just get your 3DS out of the box and brought it to the nearest Wi-Fi hot spot? Have you hopped on Nintendos eShop, intrigued by whats offered but confused by the cluttered interface and long list of titles? Then youre like many 3DS owners, which is why we created this helpful list. Here are 21 titles that cover the gamut of 3DS original downloadables, cant miss DSiWare and Virtual Console delights. Be sure to make room on your SD card for these must download games


Each puzzle starts with a pixelated version of an object or item for you to reach the top of, but each commands pulling out segments in different orders. Soon the simple rules make for an incredibly brain-bending challenge with a little 8-bit nostalgia sprinkled on top. This should be everyones first download on the eShop.

Mutant Mudds

Mutant Mudds is all about jumping and shooting with watery weaponry. A few blasts from the bubble gun is enough to stop most foes in their tracks, but for the games delicate platforming, Max can get a boost from his jetpack-like water jet. In a style similar to Donkey kong Country Returns, Max can also move from the foreground to the background. All these charming gameplay concepts combine to make a seriously varied 2D experience thats more original than nostalgic.


After designing your critter, you can take him out for a spin for some 2D platforming action. You can also share your creation with friends via Street Pass and QR codes. Finally, you can even bring your Freakyform into real life, with Augmented Reality provided by the 3DSs camera.

Dillon’s Rolling Western

Like any good tower defense game, Dillon’s Rolling Western is highly replayable. Theres at least twenty hours of gameplay here, and thats just going through the game once. Also, its really sharp looking, with visuals on par with most retail releases.

Mighty Switch Force!

Levels are filled with two sets of blocks that can be shifted in and out of existence. Keeping Patricia on the job means nimble jumping, and swapping blocks at just the right moment. And for you speed run addicts, each level features a par time the game challenges you to beat, and tracks your fastest completion time.

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword

Continuing the Zelda inspiration, the game features RPG elements like weapons enhancements, leveling up and villages filled with cute NPCs. This rich 3D adventure seems almost too Japanese to get localized, but were incredibly happy it was.


Viridians spaceship is gigantic, we could almost call VVVVVV an open-world platformer. Navigating it, we encountered puzzles of every difficulty, from breezy distractions to blistering challenges. The game isnt easy, but it keeps the frustration factor low with a frequent checkpoints, and no extra lives. Die, and Captain Viridian is beamed right back in for another try.

3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure

The pink puffballs first console release, Kirbys Adventure has everything we love Kirby for: eating enemies, stealing their powers, floaty platforming, and an overwhelming level of saccharine cuteness. While it might not be as deep as modern Kirby titles, the 3D Classics version is a great starting point for Kirby tenderfoots.

Donkey Kong (’94)

Starting with Marios original DK control scheme, the devs added nearly every trick the plumber had learned since. He picked up items and enemies, he did back flips, Mario even climbed ropes and vines just like Donkey Kong Jr. To match those powers, the levels had so many different tricks and ideas that the game stayed amazingly fresh and challenging for the 100 levels it lasted. Perfect in bite-sized installments, Donkey Kong was a monster success in game design and fit the Game Boy like one of Marios white gloves.

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