The 20 most hate-filled comments for our 100 best games list

100 best games of all time

So in honor of our continuing Week of Hate, we decided to pull our favorite angry reactions from both the site and Facebook, to share with you and your family. These are taken from the original posts, so we take no responsibility for the spelling. And if you’re one of the lucky commenters featured here, know that we love you and appreciate whatever you have to say. HUGS!

Adam D – “Portal is the greatest game of all time? Are they smoking crack over there at GamesRadar?”

stickox – “Also f**k portal, GR you’ve lost all of my respect with that descision. Best game ever, pfft. As if.”

Higgins – “No. Doom II is better than Portal.”

iHateFatPeople – “A #1 pick based solely on ‘street cred’. Portal is OK, but should’t even be in the top 100. Nice way to pimp traffic to the site, though. FAIL.”

twisti – “Heavy bias on Nintendo games. I am guessing you guys never owned a Sega Console?”

isaac1kingicy – “F**ck you mtv generation and your obvious bias towards ancient games that don’t deserve half the credit that games today do! Screw Tetris!”

Ares B – “Best games EVER made? These are all NEW games here! Where’s the Ultima series? Zork? Elite? Impossible Mission? Mercenary? All the 8-bit goodness?”

lemur – “I find your lack of dead space, disturbing.”

grim08 – “Final Fantasy VII. Seriously, stop trying to make a statement or be “different.” FFVII was a VERY influential game on a huge genre. No matter how “overrated” you think it is, f**king swap Day of the Tentacle or Duck Tales for this at least….”

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