Xbox Live on Xbox One, the first details

As part of Microsoft’s grand reveal of the Xbox One (opens in new tab) (that name will take some time), the company gave their first details on the future of Xbox Live, which they say is completely redefined. First off the system will use more than 300,000 servers to run a new Live that will adapt for gaming with cloud services. Though the company didn’t give any specifics on file size, Xbox One content will be available and stored in the cloud, and that includes game saves that can be accessed “anywhere.”

Part of that cloud service includes a dedicated game DVR that will be recording games as you play them, which sounds like PS4’s share powers, though we don’t know how much the Xbox can record. Apparently Achievements are changing as well, meant to be dynamic, changing to tell a player’s gaming biography, not just what they beat. And it has been confirmed that your Live profile and Gamerscore will be transferable to the Xbox One. Plus the friends list will be expanded to 1000 total friends. Lastly among the fleeting details, developers will be able to to work in “living” and “persistent” worlds. Could this be laying the groundwork for an MMO down the line?

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the service.

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