Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star in first trailer for The Internship: watch online now

The first trailer has emerged online for The Internship , Shawn Levy’s forthcoming buddy comedy in which Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn try and keep up with the digital-savvy world of modern business.

Vaughn and Wilson play a pair of salesmen who have been left behind by the advances of the digital age. However, they’re not ready to hang up their briefcases just yet.

Determined to prove they can still cut it, the duo manage to blag their way onto a coveted internship scheme at Google. However, with a group of tech-savvy nerds half their age acting as their bosses, it’s quite the culture shock.

Take a look, below:

The set-up is a strong one in terms of comedic potential, and Wilson and Vaughn’s chemistry seems to be as sharp as ever. But there’s a dearth of big laughs in this trailer, and the Google product placement is already ready feeling a little too prominent. Stay tuned for a nice X-Men gag at the end, though…

Co-starring Rose Byrne John Goodman and Max Minghella, The Internship will open in the US on 7 June 2013, with UK release date to be confirmed.

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