Untitled Goose Game gets the goosiest of all launch trailers

Just picture it. It’s a sunny morning in a nice little town and an unsuspecting resident walks down the road with a football that’s just begging to be pecked away by a shiny orange beak. Enter goose. Yes, Untitled Goose Game is officially out today, September 20, and developers House House have released a launch trailer to coincide with its release on Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store. Check it out below. 

As you probably already know, in Untitled Goose Game you play as a goose (of course) who gets up to all sorts of mischievous shenanigans. In the trailer, you can see some of the roguish escapades you can get up to including – but not limited to – stealing mail, and running off with someone’s glasses. Pitter pattering about as a goose in this bonafide stealth game of the ages will definitely present all kinds of wonderfully silly challenges. As developer House House puts it (opens in new tab), features include: 

  • A horrible goose (that’s you)
  • A town full of people just trying to get on with their day (you hate them)
  • A dedicated honk button

That’s right, it has a dedicated honk button. Sign me up. Who would have thought a waddling little goose could cause so much havoc, eh? Untitled Goose Game was first announced back in late 2017, and instantly caught everyone’s attention thanks to its fun, lighthearted premise. The release date was initially pushed back, before surprising us all with the announcement at the end of August that it was coming sooner than we expected. After seeing the trailer I’ve already subscribed to the theory that you always end up with odd socks because a cheeky goose makes off with one every time you hang them up to dry. Mystery solved. I for one am so ready to cause some quacking good chaos. 

Check out our Untitled Goose Game preview (opens in new tab) to find out what inspired House House to bring this goosey adventure to the masses. 

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