Universal green-light Snow White sequel

After a strong opening weekend in excess of $55 million Stateside, it should come as no surprise that Universal is l ooking to fast-track a sequel to their fairy tale epic, Snow White And The Huntsman .

According to Deadline , the studio has commissioned David Koepp to write a follow-up script, picking up where the first film left off. The film certainly seems to leave the door open for a sequel, and Universal have clearly seen enough earning potential to make it happen.

Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth are both optioned for two more outings, so we can expect to see them filling the leading roles once more, although whether director Rupert Sanders returns remains to be seen. A former advert director, he scored big in terms of distinctive visuals, but at times you felt that the various story threads were beginning to slip from his grasp.

Hopefully, Koepp can produce a more focussed script for the second film, having seen the first one meander from romance to action to comedy to horror, with far too many characters crammed into the one story. Our money’s on a further exploration of the love triangle between Snow, the Huntsman and Sam Claflin’s William.

Whether or not there’s any place for the dwarves remains to be seen, although given how peripheral they were first time out, we’d suggest they could be ditched without damaging the story too much. For what it’s worth, we’d like to see more Hemsworth, front and centre. That accent might be a bit iffy, but the man is a dab hand with an axe!

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