Ubisoft: Rayman Origins turned a profit, could be long-term seller

Rayman Origins “can be too tough for some,” we said at the time of release, “but we’re betting even the more casual players will soon find themselves hopelessly addicted.” That turned out to be a sound bet. With the game’s sales never making headlines, many feared that the title could become another beloved failure – but Ubisoft’s revealed that actually, Michel Ansel’s 2D reinvention of his own signature character did just fine.

While exact budget or sales figures weren’t released in the conference-call between Ubi and its investors, the company confirmed that Rayman: Origins has turned a profit and “has the capacity to become a long-term seller for the company.” Which is great news, showing that even in a climate of aggressively-hyped cookie-cutter Big Guns Army Mans titles, a title like Origins can still hold its own. But an article about a commercially-successful videogame in which we don’t get to berate you for neglecting Psychonauts or Okami? This is scarcely the Internet as we know it…

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