Tom Hanks and Ron Howard confirmed for Dan Browns Inferno

Having enjoyed box office success with The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons Sony has announced plans for its latest Dan Brown adaptation, but it’s probably not the title you were expecting the studio to tackle next…

Rather than following the series as published by moving on to The Lost Symbol , Sony is moving forward with a movie version of Inferno , the most recent of Brown’s well-loved page-turners.

Tom Hanks has signed on to return as intrepid protagonist Robert Langdon, while Ron Howard will also be in the director’s chair once more.

David Koepp will be charged with adapting the script from a story in which Langdon finds himself embroiled in a plot of intrigue and mystery concerning the venerable Italian masterpiece, Dante’s Inferno .

With the novel released a matter of months ago in May, Sony is clearly keen to capitalise on Brown’s current readers, with a release date pencilled in for 18 December 2015.

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