Syndicate demo available in New Zealand

While Australia won’t be partaking in Starbreeze’s reboot of the Syndicate universe – a violence-filled first-person twist on what had traditionally been a strategic third-person strategy experience – our New Zealand cousins/rivals/overlords (cross out as necessary) are free to revel in the corporate wrath via Syndicate’s demo, freshly available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the PlayStation Network.

The four-player co-op demo offers a slice of the sort of teamwork, gameplay, and action that’s on offer. Go ahead NZers, breach enemy’s neural chips and take over their trigger fingers. Do it because we can’t.

The demo comes alongside a new tutorial video, taking players through the finer points of Syndicate’s features. Hack, shoot, and play alongside your fellow Kiwi right up to February 21, when the demo slinks back into the void before the full game replaces it on February 23 release. Except in Australia. When it won’t.

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