Super Mario Party adds online play in free update

Nintendo has released a free update for Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch which enables online play.

Super Mario Party is the ultimate party game, but in the midst of the current pandemic, inviting a bunch of friends over to play video games isn’t a particularly safe option. Fortunately, you can now play Super Mario Party with your friends from the comfort of your individual homes thanks to the free online play update.

The free online play update (opens in new tab) adds online play for both traditional Mario Party mode and Partner Party modes, along with dozens of mini games that can be played without needing to run a full game. You can either run an open game and let anyone join, or create a private party with a password that you can share with your friends and family.

The update is free to download and is available now. If you’re not sure how to install this update, there is a guide on the Nintendo website (opens in new tab) that walks you through the process with a simple step-by-step guide. 

The name of this update is a tiny bit misleading though, as while the update itself is free, you’ll still need to be signed up to Nintendo Switch Online if you want to play Super Mario Party online. Prices start at £3.49/$3.99 for a month-long subscription, or you can get a year’s access for £17.99/$19.99.

Super Mario Party is what happens when you mix the Super Mario universe with a board game, and then pour in dozens of mini games to fill out the rest of the space. It’s chaotic, light-hearted fun that’s usually reserved for friendly gatherings, but now you can play online. Sure, you don’t get to see the look on your friend’s faces when you claim victory, but on the plus side, you also don’t need to own a million Joy-Cons for everyone to play with either.

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