Star Wars: Doctor Aphra writer Alyssa Wong working on secret DC project

Celebrated author Alyssa Wong is working on a secret project with DC. For comic fans, Wong is best known as the current writer of the ongoing Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (opens in new tab) comic book series and the recent Legend of Shang-Chi (opens in new tab) one-shot.

It’s unclear what Wong’s secret DC project is, however she’s working with the Batman editorial group – specifically editor Jessica Chen, who oversaw Wong’s Grace Choi short story ‘Family Dinner’ in this week’s DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration (opens in new tab) drawn by Sean Chen and Norm Rapmund.

DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration

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“I don’t know if I can say this yet, but it’s ambiguous enough. I am working with Alyssa Wong on something coming down the line and I won’t tell you what yet,” Chen tells Newsarama.

Wong has previously written shorts for other DC anthologies such as DC The Doomed and the Damned! (opens in new tab) and Sensational Wonder Woman (opens in new tab).

While relatively new to comics, Wong is an established prose short story author. Her 2015 short story ‘Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers’ won both a Nebula Award and a World Fantasy Award. Her 2017 novelette You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay won a Locus Award. In 2016, she was a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

She was also a staff writer for Blizzard Entertainment for two years, working primarily on Overwatch.

All of Wong’s comic book work so far is available digitally. For the best digital comics experience, check out our list of the best digital comics readers for Android and iOS devices.

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